Since 1984, FAGCA Club Headquarters have been located in Williamstown, West Virginia, within view of the Fenton factory. The factory has since been demolished and replaced with the new modern Williamstown Elementary School.

Our membership database is managed here. We have a small museum/archive containing many examples of Fenton Art Glass through the years, and a small research library.  The club also offers exclusive new glass for our members.  Although the factory no longer makes the glass, new pieces are made using the original Fenton moulds.

The office is run superbly by Nicole Irvine, our office manager carefully selected by the FAGCA Board of Directors. She is an enthusiastic, helpful, friendly addition to our family of collectors.

Members are invited and encouraged to visit our office while in the Williamstown area. Weekly office hours are Monday - Thursday  (9 - 4) and Friday (9 - 3).

If you wish to visit FAGCA headquarters at a time we are normally closed, please contact us one week in advance. We will gladly accommodate you. 

Below are photos from FAGCA Headquarters showing the club's extensive collection, including many of the "FAGCA Exclusive" pieces available only to FAGCA members.