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FAGCA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

Welcome to the wonderful world of
Fenton Art Glass collecting!

The Fenton Art Glass Collectors of America, Inc. is an association dedicated to learning more about Fenton glass. It is neither controlled nor sponsored by the Fenton Art Glass Company. The office of this non-profit educational collectors' club is located in Williamstown, West Virginia. The FAGCA is run by a Board of Trustees elected by its membership.

Have fun exploring this site to learn more about Fenton Art Glass Collectors of America and how to become involved.


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Mission Statement/1976 Preamble

We, the collectors, dealers and true lovers of Fenton Art Glass, [have come together] in order to interest people everywhere; to encourage learning; to enlighten and to understand one of our great heritages, the glass making industry, and Fenton Art Glass in particular; to increase and promote friendship with collectors of Fenton Art Glass, one with the other, and to give all an equal opportunity to participate in new discoveries and general enlightenment concerning Fenton Art Glass; to enjoy the history of same; to gain experience; to recruit new members into our organization; and at all times to work to bring these things about.  Notwithstanding the forgoing purposes, this corporation shall never engage in any activity and shall never make any contribution for the purpose directly or indirectly or attempting to influence legislation.


The motto of this organization shall be "It's fun fluttering around finding Fenton Art Glass."

FAGCA Emblem

The emblem of this organization shall be the Fenton butterfly.  When this lovely butterfly happens to flutter by, it will help to beautify - but especially to identify - the Fenton Art Glass Collectors' alumni.

While our emblem is the butterfly, the Happy Cat is our mascot.


Slideshow photos courtesy Randy Clark Auctions
Our 45th Annual Convention is just 5 months away! The annual consignment auction is held on the first evening of convention (Tuesday, July 27). This auction is open to the public - anyone can attend! We will be accepting consignments from our current members through mid-May. We try to limit our total lots to a manageable number, usually around 200 to 225. We already have consigned glass from several members, which we've been holding since this time last year. We did not have a live convention in 2020, therefore had to cancel the auction. If you are a current member and are interested in consigning a few lots (usually 5 to 25 lots) please let us know. We are looking for good, quality glass and will need good photos prior to accepting the glass for consignment. Please do not consign any damaged glass or second quality. The glass committee will determine eligibility to be entered into the sale, so that we can continue to keep our consignment auction of the highest quality. These auction slots will fill quickly. You can contact us via email fagcainc@cascable.net or by calling (304)375-6196.

To all of our paid subscribers:

The FAGCA board and office manager would like to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who made our 2020 virtual convention (our 44th year) a success. Both sales (fixed price on Thursday and whimsy auction on Friday) were outstanding. We have you, our members, to thank for that. Without you, we could not have sold one piece of glass.

Thank you so much for your support of our phenomenal club, the brainchild of visionaries, Ferrill Jean and Otis Rice. I'm sure if they were alive today, they would be so pleased!! We also have the Fenton family to thank for allowing a club to be named in their honor! It is a blessing and a thrill to be part of this club. Please invite your friends to come join us. We would love to have them join in our wonderful addiction that brings all of us so much joy.

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ALL Membership Dues renew on February 1 ANNUALLY. Full Membership $25, plus Associate Membership(s) $5 each.

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer issue new cards annually, your laminated card is your permanent membership card. If you would like a new permanent card, please enclose an additional $5 with your renewal. We also no longer add your membership due date to the Butterfly Net envelope. This is because every member is due at the same time.

Please make checks payable to FAGCA and mail to:


PO BOX 384