the Museum of Fenton Art Glass
FAGCA is currently in the early stages of establishing a Fenton Art Glass museum. After being blessed with an amazing gift (bestowed upon us by Harry Rosenthal, Jr.) we feel compelled to do something to further the Rosenthal legacy, as well as preserving Fenton's history. We are actively searching for the perfect location to house everything we have in mind. We are currently accepting donations to make this dream a reality. You can donate in the form of Fenton glass, real estate, or funds. All donations to this 501(c)3 are tax deductible.

We currently have a museum committee in place to research legalities, visit potential sites, and accept donations.  If you wish to donate, serve on the committee, or have ideas you would like to share, please contact our committee at 

Mission Statement:

The Museum of Fenton Art Glass’s mission is to serve as a champion of preserving and presenting the history of the Fenton Art Glass Company in an effort to keep the company’s contribution to American glass history alive and relevant with the public at large. The Museum collects and preserves artifacts related to the Fenton Art Glass Company and shares these with the public and knowledgeable collectors through informative exhibits and the development of educational opportunities that bridge generations.

Vision Statement:

The Museum seeks to maintain a high-level facility and create associations within the community that will preserve this portion of its history.